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Video: Bioscience Program at Sunnyside High School Prepares Students for Future Careers PLUS The Latest State and National Headlines

FEATURED STORY Bioscience program at Sunnyside High School prepares students for future careers (+ Video) When students put on their lab coats and take part in the bioscience program at Tucson’s Sunnyside High School, they learn what they need to succeed in the workplace and college by doing lab work with partners like Native Seeds/SEARCH, [...]

ASBA: I.R.S. Seeks Comment on Draft Tax Credit Regulations

The Internal Revenue Service has published draft regulations that would limit the amount a person can deduct on their federal income taxes for a charitable donation (including a school tuition organization donations and public school extracurricular donations) based on the amount of state or local tax credit the person receives. The proposed rule would state [...]

ASBA: State Board to Discuss Science & History Standards Monday

 Monday's SBE meeting will also include a discussion on draft Science, History, and Social Science Standards. An updated draft of the standards was released in August. The board will hear a presentation on the status of those drafts. The latest drafts are attached to Agenda Item 5C. Superintendent Douglas has also requested to discuss a different [...]

Webinar – How to Put Customer Service and Community Engagement to Work for Your Schools – K12 Insight

Competition. Enrollment shifts. Safety. Technological change. The challenges facing K-12 schools are vast. Try as they might, your schools can’t clear these hurdles alone. You need buy-in from parents and community members. You also need the energy and focus that comes when teachers and students feel engaged and empowered to do their best. Join us [...]