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ADHS: Mask Use in Schools and COVID19 Reporting Requirements

Mask Use in Schools and Required Reporting Mask Use in Schools The Arizona Department of Education (ADE) and the Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS) issued additional clarity on the use of masks in schools. The key takeway: In Executive Order 2020-51 , Governor Ducey required all school districts and charter schools to develop and implement a [...]

ConvergeOne: How to Meet the Demands of the Remote Workplace

It’s an irrefutable truth: COVID-19 has quickly changed the modern workplace. At the onset of the pandemic, many businesses rushed to put temporary solutions in place to protect their employees and keep up their operations. Because these solutions were only meant to be short-term, they are now starting to show their weaknesses and concerns around [...]

UnidosUS Guiding Questions and Critical Action Items for School Reopening

Hello, friends & partners. UnidosUS recognizes that leadership at the state, district, and school levels have multiple considerations for reopening schools, including family outreach, physical and mental health, operations, access to technology, and academics. It is a challenging period for families to navigate a new school year in this time of precarity. UnidosUS has developed [...]


Today the Arizona Department of Education provided updated FAQ's on a number of important topics including information about all three of the Governor's Executive Orders. Included is information about school decisions to reopen schools and the August 7,2020 benchmarks that will be issued by the Arizona Department of Health Services. Included is valuable information about starting [...]