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ConvergeOne: 5 Steps CIOs Can Take to Remedy Work-From-Home Cyber Attacks

 Threats + Vulnerabilities Will Continue to Grow in Post-COVID Workplace Malicious hacking is on the rise, whether it’s ransomware attacks on target municipalities, data breaches that divulge details on millions of people, or supply chains hacks that kneecap global trade. As much as 25% to 30% of the workforce will work remotely multiple days a [...]

AZDOE: Influenza (Flu) Vaccination Message for Schools

Influenza (flu) vaccination message for schools Dear School Leaders, In the setting of the current COVID-19 pandemic, controlling the spread of respiratory illness is at the top of everybody’s mind. In contrast to COVID-19, efforts to control the spread of influenza in our schools have long been practiced and refined. Schools play a sentinel role in making [...]