Hello AZALAS Members,

AZALAS has entered into a partnership with the 4 corner states of Utah, Colorado and New Mexico to establish a regional leadership training academy to increase candidates for high level district administrative positions in the region.  The planning over the last two years has been completed and recruitment is now open and attached is the flier for the project with link to the application form as well as the training outline.  Each state will select up to 5 participants.  Each state will host a training session with the first scheduled soon after the beginning of the next school year in Denver, Colorado.  Registration is $350 per person plus transportation expenses to and from the training sites.  Each protégé will be hosted with two nights (Friday & Saturday) hotel, meals and training materials in each of the four state’s training locations.  The project is being supported by contributions from the state ALAS affiliate and sponsor donations.  Each state will select up to 5 individuals to be part of this first and first of its kind academy.  The project is being coordinated by the Colorado ALAS (COALAS) affiliate.

This is being made available to you as a member to fill the Arizona portion of the cohort.  Please don’t hesitate in contacting me, Panfilo Contreras, with any questions you might have at (602) 538-7172 or by response to pcontreras4@cox.net.  You may also contact Dr. Ron Cabrera, Project Coordinator at (970) 744-8293 or by email at ron.g.cabrera@gmail.com  Please note the deadline for applicants of May 1, 2020.

The link for application registration is http://bit.ly/4LatinXLeadershipAcademy The image below as well as the training outline are included as attachments for your reference.

Thank you,