May 29, 2020
ALAS Familia,
We as brown and black families are all too familiar with the injustice and inequalities in our nation. The injustice of what is being expressed in the streets of our nation, comes at a time when voices can and must be heard.

Historically we have not attended to, worked through, healed, forgiven, or changed a system so blatantly designed to promote prejudice and privilege. A system that marginalizes people with varied backgrounds, influences, experiences, and color. Systems change comes about by doing the difficult work of consistently working through our differences. What we put into this union, is what we produce from this union.

Our youth are bearing witness to a pandemic, unemployment, a televised murder, peaceful protests, riots, looting, disenfranchisement with other nations and the World Health Organization, and a SpaceX mission. As adults we must provide hope. Hope not as a strategy for change, but as a way of being human to drive change.

Our heart aches for the families who have lost loved ones to a pandemic, at the hands of police brutality, for our neighborhoods who have lost access to basic means of food and goods, and for our families whose businesses have been burned to the ground.

Let us recognize the systems of which we participate in and the structures in place that allow for the deep pockets of unions to shelter and support those who abuse their power and authority. Allow me to be very clear, we must not fear speaking out to the broken pieces of systems and structures that we are a part of or participate within. Whether our system is that of business, education, healthcare, law enforcement and government, initially the rules of engagement were put into place to protect from rogue authoritarian figures, however, an unattended structure, an unchallenged design leads to social ills and injustices.

Basta con rhetoric, we must create the changes our nation and people deserve with our collective voices, our peaceful demonstrations, and our seat at the table. We have a sphere of influence. Be the leaders our nation needs. Lead with compassion, thoughtful reflection, and most importantly lead with an aligned heart and mind. I pray that we reimagine our schools for the sake of our children, our familias, and for our nation. If Not Us, Then Who. If Not Now, Then When.

Let’s get to work mi gente!
Gracias a Dios por todo and God Bless Us All!

Dr. Maria Armstrong
Executive Director
Association of Latino Administrators and Superintendents

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