On Tuesday of next week the Arizona Senate is scheduled to meet. They may take action on some legislation or just adjourn sine die. Most agree at a minimum the Senate will adjourn sine die joining the action that the House took this week which will end this year’s regular legislative session. However, special legislative sessions on the budget and COVID-19 issues will be coming. Also, at the end of next week the task force that State Superintendent Kathy Hoffman convened to review issues and develop guidelines on how school districts and charters can safely resume operations for the upcoming school year will issue their report. We are lucky in Arizona to have a  State Superintendent and staff at ADE that value input from the field. One last thing, the Los Angeles Times reports that most public schools in California are planning to reopen campuses in late August or September but the new normal will include masks, daily school sanitation and smaller class sizes to maintain six feet of distance and that a number of school districts will likely offer a combination of in-person and distance learning. No mention on how California schools plan to get students to school and back home.

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