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Action Alert – Support SCR 1044

An important proposal moving through the Arizona Senate would send a measure to the ballot asking voters to grant in-state community college and state university tuition to students who attend high school for at least two years in Arizona and graduate here, regardless of their immigration status. Senate Concurrent Resolution 1044 (SCR 1044) also makes these students eligible for tuition waivers, grants, scholarship assistance, and other financial aid.

Expect More Arizona supports this resolution as it is written and we encourage you to voice your support, as well.

SCR 1044 is an important step forward to help undocumented and DACA students continue their educational journey and keep our students right here in Arizona so our state thrives. It is estimated that approximately 2,000 Arizona graduates each year could benefit from this resolution.

SCR 1044 will next be considered by the full Senate. If passed by the legislature, the measure will then go to the voters during the 2022 election. Email your state senator today to express your support today.



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