What Happened at the Capitol Last Week?

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COW Committee of the Whole. Floor Action. 3rd Read, the final vote after COW. If passes, then goes to the other legislative body for consideration.

Lots of Action in the Senate

SB 1071 school districts; personnel evaluations (Boyer)
Passed Senate Ed as amended 8-0.
Eliminates the model framework for evaluation. Changes requirement for quantitative data to 20 – 33% of the evaluation. ASA supports.

SB 1171 funding; gifted education programs (Carter)
Passed Senate Ed 8-0
Allocates $4.7 million for funding gifted education plus $300K to ADE to administrate the program. ASA supports.

SB 1256 school districts; procurement practices; auditors (Gray)
Passed Senate Ed as amended 8-0.
Removes lowest qualified bidder requirement. Removes required changes in audit firms after three years. Removes ban on consulting with audit firm.
ASA supports.

SB 1114 schools; immunization; religious exemption (Boyer)
Failed Senate Ed. 4-4.
Broadened immunization exemptions significantly. ASA opposes.

SB 1438 school facilities; revisions (Leach)

Failed Senate Ed 4-4
Restricts ability of schools to raise rents on leased facilities. Aimed at Phoenix Elementary. ASA opposes. Coming back as a strike everything on another bill.

SB 1459 schools; parental information; curricula (Allen)
Failed Senate Ed 4-4
Required district annually to provide each parent detailed list of all curriculum materials, reading lists, etc. Parent sign off. ASA opposes.

SB 1456 vision screening; schools; appropriation (Allen)
Passed Senate Health and Human Services 7-0.
Establishes multiple requirements for schools regarding vision screening of students. ASA opposes.

SB 1073 school district consolidation; elections (Allen) **
Passed Senate Ed as amended 5-3.
Dealing primarily with the Cottonwood El., Mingus Union, situation, but could have ramifications elsewhere. ASA is neutral.

SB 1394 charter school; training; posting; procurement (Brophy McGee)
Passed Senate Ed as amended 7-1.
This bill modifies charter school procurement and accountability, but has gaping loopholes. ASA is neutral.

SB 1457 schools; improvements; turnaround plans (Allen)
Discussed in Senate Ed with no action.
This bill would give the State Board of Education the power to authorize a “turnaround provider” to takeover a D or F school and override any decision of the Governing Board including hiring and terminating any personnel contracts. If the school becomes a B or A, said provider can petition Board for permanent takeover of the school or district. ASA OPPOSES!

Action in the House

HB2470 schools; immunization; religious exemption (Barto)
HB2471 informed consent; vaccinations (Barto)
HB2472 vaccinations; antibody titer testing; notification (Barto)
Passed House Health & Human Services 5-4
These three bills have the cumulative effect of greatly expanding the exemptions from immunization despite overwhelming testimony and opposition from the entire Arizona medical community. Parents will be able to scribble a note and exempt their child from any immunization. Physicians will have to provide parents with 30+ pages of documentation for every vaccination and provide at request an expensive and unreliable test to see if the child may already be immune.

HB 2015 school employees; statements; employer discipline (Townsend)
Passed House Ed as amended 8-5
This is one of the reprisal bills, prohibiting a person acting on behalf of a school district from using school time to espouse a political ideology or religious belief, unless it is germane to the subject matter of the class or activity. ASA opposes.

HB 2563 education funding; use tax; TPT (Udall)
Passed House Ed as amended 8-4-1
Expands potential uses of the Classroom Site Fund. Contingent upon passage of the penny sales tax election (HCR 2024) in 2020 if that bill passes. ASA supports.

HCR 2024 TPT and use tax; education (Udall)
Passed House Ed as amended 8-4-1
Refers a one cent TPT and use tax for education to the ballot at the next general election. ASA supports.

HCR 2026 English language education; requirements (Fillmore)
Passed House Ed 13-0

Staff Analysis of the Legislation
This bill repeals the English-only statutes of the ELL requirements (Proposition 203) and replaces them with the following requirements if approved by the voters in the next general election in November 2020.

Hereis a link to all of the bills and their summaries that ASA is tracking. Comments from ASA staff are in red. This link is for ASA members only and is password protected. The password is: ASA2019 .