What’s Up at the Capitol This Week?

Governor Ducey Vows to Veto Vaccination Bills!
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COW Committee of the Whole. Floor Action. 3rd Read, the final vote after COW. If passes, then goes to the other legislative body for consideration

Action in the House

HB 2310 school procurement; lowest bidder; repeal (Udall)
Passed House Approps 9-2.
Will repeal last year’s lowest qualified bidder requirement.
ASA supports.

HB 2425 school tax credit; contributions (Weninger)
Passed 3rd Read as amended 39-20.
Expands tax credit to include some capital items, including playground equipment and shade structures, consumable health care supplies and community school meal programs. School site council may transfer funds to any school with the same district. Fobids use for land, buildings, or building improvements.

Action in the Senate

SB 1101 schools; calculated opportunity index (Carter)
Passed Senate Approps as amended 9-0.
Using FRPL the bill creates an opportunity index, i.e. a poverty weight. If a school’s FRPL is above state average, the Teacher Experience Index is increased. Schools/Districts with Desegregation revenue receive less benefit.
ASA supports.

SB 1161 school facilities; revisions (Leach)
Originally Failed Senate Ed 4-4 but came back in this version as a striker and incorporated many of ASA’s suggested changes.
Passed Senate Approps as amended 6-3.
Restricts ability of schools to raise rents on leased facilities. Aimed at Phoenix Elementary. ASA now neutral.

SB 1230 extraordinary special education needs fund (Allen)
Passed 3rd Read as amended 29-1
Allocates $5 million to a fund for grants for extraordinary special ed needs. Schools must have 10% ADM in Special Ed students to qualify.
ASA supports.

SB 1468 schools; suicide prevention training (Bowie)
Passed 3rd Read. 28-2
ASA worked with the Trust Legal Counsel to insert an amendment for immunity from liability. ASA supports.

SB 1256 school districts; procurement practices; auditors (Gray)
Passed 3rd Read. 30-0.
Removes lowest qualified bidder requirement. Removes required changes in audit firms after three years. Removes ban on consulting with audit firm.
ASA supports.