What’s Up at the Capitol This Week?

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COW Committee of the Whole: Floor Action. 3rd Read: the final vote after COW. If passes, then goes to the other legislative body for consideration

Action in the House

SB 1022 hours; seventh and eighth grades (Allen)
Passed House Ed as amended 11-2. Passed House Approps. 11-0.
Reduces required hours for 7th and 8th graders to 890. This bill has already passed the Senate. ASA supports.

SB 1051 high quality teacher pilot program (Allen)
Passed House Ed. 13-0. Passed House Approps. 11-0.
Provides $200K annually for three years for ADE grants to certified teachers to gain additional credentials in high need areas. ASA supports.

HB 2123 TPT; distribution; community college districts (Udall)
Passed 3rd Read 57-0.
A technical correction to last year’s prop. 301 bill ensuring distribution to the community colleges. ASA supports.

HB 2683 CTEDs; letter grades; exclusion (Blackman)
Passed 3rd Read 58-1.
Excludes CTED’s from A-F grading system.

Action in the Senate

SB 1080 TPT; use tax; education (Allen)
Passed COW as amended.
This is Allen’s version of 301 upping the sales tax to 1 penny.

SCR 1001 education; TPT; use tax (Allen)
Passed COW as amended.
This is the resolution calling for an election in 2020 for the 1 penny sales tax. The amendment aligns this bill with the Brophy-McGee bill.

SB 1071 school districts; personnel evaluations (Boyer)
Passed 3rd Read 29-0.
Eliminates the model framework for evaluation. Changes requirement for quantitative data to 20 – 33% of the evaluation. ASA supports.

SB 1101 schools; calculated opportunity index (Carter)
Passed 3rd Read as amended 30-0.
Using FRPL the bill creates an opportunity index, i.e. a poverty weight. If a school’s FRPL is above state average, the Teacher Experience Index is increased. Schools/Districts with Desegregation revenue receive less benefit.
ASA supports.

SB 1318 schools; dyslexia; screening; training (Boyer)
Passed 3rd Read 30-0.
1. Ensures that every Kindergarten or 1st grade student will receive a screening for dyslexia upon initial public school enrollment; and
2. Provide guidance for notifications to be sent to parents of students that are identified as “at risk of dyslexia”.
3. Developed with the ADE’s Dyslexia specialist and experts on dyslexia.
4. Identifies screening tests that are cost-effective and that screen for:
a. Phonological awareness.
b. Rapid naming skills.
c. The correspondence between sounds and letters.
d. A family history of difficulty in learning to read

SB 1456 vision screening; schools; appropriation (Allen)
Passed 3rd Read 29-0.
Establishes multiple requirements for schools regarding vision screening of students. ASA opposes.

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