What’s Up at the Capitol This Week?

House Education meets Mondays at 2:00 P.M.
Senate Education meets Tuesdays at 2:00 P.M.
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COW Committee of the Whole. Floor Action. 3rd Read, the final vote after COW. If passes, then goes to the other legislative body for consideration.


SB 1014 English language learners; instruction; budgeting (Boyer)
Passed Senate 3rd Read as amended. 30-0.
Changes 4 Hour English Learner Model. Requires 120 minutes K-5. 100 minutes 6-12. ASA supports.

SB 1022 hours; seventh and eighth grades (Allen)
Passed Senate 3rd Read. 30-0.
Reduces required instructional hours for 7-8th graders from 1,000 to 890. ASA supports.

SB 1037 TPT; distribution; community college districts (Brophy-McGee)
Passed Senate 3rd Read 30-0.
Technical correction to the Prop. 301 renewal bill passed last spring. ASA supported this bill because it protects the original 301 distribution.

SB 1065 CTED’s fourth year funding (Carter)
Passed Senate 3rd Read 30-0.
Funds 9th grade or year after HS graduation in the ADM funding calculation for CTED’s. ASA supports.

SB1066 kindergarten; survey; report (Carter)
Passed Senate 3rd Read 30-0.
Requires ADE to conduct an annual survey on reading proficiency in K: # of hours each day, how district is funding K, reading proficiency of primary students, and reading program.

SB 1099 patriotic youth groups; school access (Carter)
Passed Senate Ed. 8-0.

Allows a principal within the first quarter of the year to authorize representatives of a youth group to address students for up to 10 minutes during regular school hours. Request must be made during the first two weeks of the year. Requires the principal to ensure materials from the group be distributed to students throughout the year, method of distribution to be determined by the principal (ASA got the distribution language inserted). Groups specifically mentioned included Scouts, FFA, Boys/Girls Clubs, Big Brothers-Big Sisters, but does not specifically restrict others. Group criteria is, “oath of allegiance to God and country.” ASA is neutral.

SB 1101 schools; calculated opportunity index (Carter)
Passed Senate Ed. as amended 8-0.

The number of percentage points that a district or charter’s average FRPL count is higher than the statewide average is multiplied and incorporated into a formula, and the resulting number is added to the teacher experience index (for school districts), or creates a new budget line for charter schools. For districts receiving deseg funding any increase received is commensurately reduced from their deseg funding. ASA supports.

SB 1184 schools; economics; personal financial management (Allen)
Passed Senate Ed. 8-0.

This bill requires the State Board of Education to require at least one half of a course credit in Economics, which includes financial literacy and personal financial management, for students to be eligible for high school graduation (out of the 22 required hours).

SB 1230 extraordinary special education needs fund (Allen)
Passed Senate Ed. 8-0.
In 2001 the Legislature established this fund to provide a mechanism for districts to apply for grants to fund services for extraordinary high needs students who generally need outside placement. It was never funded. The bill appropriates $5 million and establishes eligibility criteria of either a 10% SPED population or 20% of M&O expenditures on SPED if eligible for small school weight. .ASA supports.


HB 2184 English language learners; instruction; budgeting (Udall)
Passed House COW as amended.
Mirror Bill to SB 1014. ASA supports.

HB 2187 appropriation; K-12 rollover (Udall)
Passed House COW.
Phases out the rollover in three years .ASA supports.

Here is a link to all of the bills and their summaries that ASA is tracking. Comments from ASA staff are in red. This link is for ASA members only and is password protected. The password is: ASA2019 .