What’s Up at the Capitol This Week?


House Education meets Mondays at 2:00 P.M.

Senate Education meets Tuesdays at 2:00 P.M.

Superintendent Hoffman will deliver the State of the State in Education Speech to the House Ed Committee on Monday, February 4th at 2:00 P.M.

Watch live proceedings with this link:


HB 2083 kindergarten survey; report (Biasiucci)

Passed House Ed. 10-1.  Same as SB1066


HB2123 TPT distribution; community college districts (Udall)

Passed House Ed. 13-0.  Technical correction to the Prop. 301 renewal bill passed last spring. ASA supported this bill because it protects the original 301 distribution.

HB 2176 college credit by examination; payments (Weninger)

Passed House Ed. 9-3-1. This bill expands the incentive bonus paid to teachers of AP classes whose students passed the test.  It expands the bonus from classroom teachers to other teachers of relevant subjects who instructed that student as identified by the principal.

HB 2184 English language learners; instruction; budgeting (Udall)

Passed House Ed. as amended. 13-0. Amended to 100 minutes for 6-12. Same as SB1014. ASA supports.

HB 2187 appropriation; K-12 rollover (Udall)

Passed House Ed. 13-0. Passed House Approps. 10-1.  Phases out the rollover in 3 years. ASA supports.

HB 2310 school procurement; lowest bidder; repeal (Udall)

Passed House Ed. 11-0. Emergency clause for immediate effect. ASA supports.

SB 1104 education programs; juvenile detention centers (Carter) Passed Senate Ed. 8-0.  Funds educational programs in detention centers.  Favored by the County Superintendents who must run those centers. ASA will support this bill as it progresses.

SB 1110 damaged school facilities; replacement; grants (Boyer) Passed Senate Ed. 8-0.  Allows SFB to provide grant funding to replace or repair damaged school buildings.

SB 1118 appropriation; state board; charter schools (Brophy McGee) Passed Senate Ed. 8-0.  Allocates $630K to the Charter Board for 8 positions to monitor charter schools performance and finances.

Federal Tax Code Conformity and an intra-party Republican Battle

Two bills were passed concerning federal tax code conformity. Conformity with the federal tax law enacted last year would likely lead to a $155M increase in tax collections in FY2019.

To offset this increase and return money to the taxpayers, the bill contains an 0.11% income tax rate reduction. This is estimated to reduce tax revenue by roughly the same amount as federal conformity would increase it.  If the estimate is incorrect, it would either result in a loss of state revenue or an increase.  Senator Mesnard, Finance Committee Chair, has led this battle, over the objections of Governor Ducey and the Democrats. The bills did not pass with a large enough majority to override a potential veto by the Governor.  Whether or not the Governor will veto is unknown.  Will he fight his own party over a tax decrease?