ASBA Connect 5.16.19

Why results-based funding is not an equitable approach to helping public schools 

Governor Ducey’s FY2020 budget proposal includes over $60M to nearly triple the amount of money going to results-based funding, which distributes funding based on AzMERIT results, or A-F Letter grades beginning in next year.


An updated analysis by ASBA and AASBO indicates that in the current fiscal year, results-based funding continues to benefit a minority of students more likely to be from higher socioeconomic backgrounds.


Although changing to letter grades as the governor proposes my spread the concentration of funding over a wider range of schools, the basic question of why results-based funding is a preferred program vs. simply increasing the base level or investing in low-SES schools first remains an important one. Read the latest article by AZEdNews by clicking on the button below.


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It’s your time to shine! Present at ASBA’s Annual Conference 

We are calling for proposals for our Annual Conference, December 17-19, from school districts and other organizations for high-quality, breakout sessions that focus on topics of critical interest to school board members.
This year we are seeking submissions that address any of these general themes:
A. Meeting the social/emotional needs of students
B. Systemic inclusion of student voice in district decision-making
C. Teacher recruitment and retention strategies. (Include year-over-year retention/recruitment rates)
D. How to build and grow successful community partnerships
E. Embedding equity: Strategies for incorporating equity into curriculum, or school culture, policy, staffing, budgeting or district structure.
The DEADLINE for consideration is Friday, August 2. Proposals to present can be submitted below.

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By Ann O’Brien, ASBA Treasurer

What a wonderful time of year for students, families, friends, and educators! Another school year is quickly coming to an end. And, the 2019 graduating class is about to embark on awaiting adventures.


As a governing board member, graduation day is my favorite day of the year. It is the day everyone has been working towards for 13 years. Graduation is not only the culmination of the students’ hard work but that of teachers, school staff, principals, custodians, counselors, cafeteria workers, district staff, superintendents and governing board members.


Often when we think about graduation, it is from the perspective of…..

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