Monday’s SBE meeting will also include a discussion on draft Science, History, and Social Science Standards. An updated draft of the standards was released in August. The board will hear a presentation on the status of those drafts. The latest drafts are attached to Agenda Item 5C. Superintendent Douglas has also requested to discuss a different option, used by the Barney Charter School Initiative, a project of Hillsdale College. Hillsdale college is a self-described “non-sectarian Christian institution” located in Hillsdale, Michigan. A copy of the entire BCSI scope and sequence is attached to agenda item 5D. While there is no action recommended on these items on Monday, ASBA has historically supported a standards revision process that follows the recommendations of a committee of Arizona educators assembled to review and recommend changes. Please email comments regarding the draft standards to by 11a Friday for them to be provided to all SBE members prior to Monday’s meeting.