Announcing the School Safety Task Force Final Report
Dear Arizona School Leaders,

As an educator, I’ve consistently seen the value and importance of listening to our students and bringing their voices into decision making.

Despite the efforts of students involved with the Arizona Chapter of March for Our Lives to pass House Bill 2597 in the 2019 legislature, the bill failed to pass. However, this did not end the students’ vision for school safety. Instead, ADE partnered with March for Our Lives, and many other organizations to create the first-ever statewide School Safety Task Force; a multi-disciplinary group convened to reframe school safety as a multi-pronged approach to safety, health and violence.

After over one year of work, the School Safety Task Force, as convened by the Arizona Department of Education, is proud today to release their final report and model school safety plan.

Read the Report
I encourage all to read this report, and reflect on how to elevate student voices into your conversations about school climate and safety so that all students can feel a sense of security and belonging on our campuses.

Since launching the School Safety Task Force, our communities have gone through so much, including the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and nationwide protests for racial justice. These two events influenced the work of the task force because of their transformative effect on our students and schools.

Throughout this report, you will hear the voices of Arizona students. They shared their experiences and expressed their vision for safe schools with us throughout the process. Most significantly, at a school safety conversation led by student advisors from ADE advisory councils and student leaders. Please reflect on their words and share their lessons with your school communities.

Kathy Hoffman, MS, CCC-SLP
Superintendent of Public Instruction
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Superintendent Kathy Hoffman

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