Good morning,
Last year, the Arizona legislature passed SB 1376 (Schools; Curriculum; Mental Health), which went into effect in Fall 2021. The bill amends ARS 15-701.02 by requiring health education instruction to include mental health instruction.
The new law includes the following:
  • Requires the State Board of Education (SBE) to mandate that all health education instruction include mental health instruction. Mental health instruction may be included in a health education course or another existing course.
  • Specifies that mental health instruction must incorporate the multiple dimensions of health.
  • Directs SBE to consult with mental health experts, mental health advocacy organizations, and the Arizona Department of Education (ADE) when adopting this requirement.
During the October 2021 State Board of Education meeting, the board amended rules R7-2-301 and R7-2-302 requiring healthy and physical education to include mental health instruction and allowing mental health instruction to be included in other subject areas. These new rules are effective as of October 26, 2021.
These new rules align with ongoing mental health and wellness priorities at the Arizona Department of Education, and we are proud to help implement this new legislation with this resource one-pager, including:
  • Definitions of mental health, mental health instruction, and social-emotional competencies
  • Recommendations for mental health instruction in standalone health education courses and existing courses
  • Resources to help evaluate potential curricula, Arizona’s SEL competencies, and a school and behavioral health resource guide
Resources Supporting SB 1376 – Schools; Curriculum; Mental Health