29 07, 2021

Access Gartner’s Market Guide: Managed Services for Meeting Solutions

ConvergeOne Named a Representative Vendor in the Gartner Market Guide for Professional and Managed Services for Meeting Solutions Gartner has named ConvergeOne a Representative Vendor in the latest Gartner Market Guide for Professional and Managed Services for Meeting Solutions (May 10, 2021). The Market Guide explains that “Virtual meeting solution requirements are increasingly complex and [...]

29 07, 2021

The Gates Scholarship – Refer Top Students!

The Gates Scholarship - Refer Top Students! Dear Colleague, Reminder - The Gates Scholarship needs your help in identifying America’s top minority students who may be eligible for this prestigious award. Please read the following information and click the link below to refer students who may qualify. About The Gates Scholarship   The Gates Scholarship (TGS) [...]

29 07, 2021

Safe and Healthy School Communities in SY21-22

Good afternoon, The Arizona Department of Education (ADE) would like to share several resources to help you prepare for a safe and healthy school year. After two challenging school years for students, educators, and leaders, we strongly encourage all public schools to use and layer all available tools to mitigate COVID-19 and other illnesses on [...]

15 07, 2021

AASBO: Significant Changes In How Instruction Hours Are Provided

The Arizona Department of Education[ADE] has issued guidance on HB 2862 that was amended by the state K-12 education budget. This legislation provides school districts and charters with significant increased flexibility on how to determine how student instructional hours for state funding are calculated, including remote courses , project-based learning, mastery-based learning, weekend courses, or [...]

15 07, 2021

How to Optimize Your Public Cloud Environment

Optimize Your Public Cloud Environment Are you getting the most out of your current AWS and Azure public cloud infrastructure? In order to achieve optimal performance, it's important to ensure your apps, workloads, and services are following industry best practices for operations, security, reliability, performance, and cost optimization. ConvergeOne Cloud Audit Services can help you do [...]

29 06, 2021

ALAS: Important opportunities and information!

June 17, 2021 .TOP NEWS CONTACT your State Affiliate representative today! Non-ALAS members may apply! ALAS REGISTER NOW .MOVERS AND SHAKERS: ALAS PROUD Please send any promotions or state affiliate highlights to: by 5 p.m. EST every Monday.  SPONSORED VIDEO Equity Through Computer Science Can Elementary Computer Science be Equity’s New Language? That's what a group [...]

28 06, 2021

Access a Complimentary Gartner Report on Protection from Ransomware

COMPLIMENTARY GARTNER REPORT: Detect, Protect, Recover: How Modern Backup Applications Can Protect You From Ransomware In this recent Gartner report, analysts Nik Simpson and Ron Blair "assess new features that aid in detecting ransomware attacks, protect the backup repository and speed recovery." The critical importance of protection from ransomware is supported by Gartner research that states, [...]

21 06, 2021

Cambridge is Growing for Good Reason!

I am intrigued by how well Hispanic students do in Cambridge.  Recent research conducted by Florida State University tracing subsequent course performance of Cambridge graduates’ found 93 percent of Hispanic Cambridge students completed their degrees in 4 years compared to 82 percent of Hispanic students who had earned credit via other advanced programs. On average, Hispanic Cambridge students completed [...]

21 06, 2021

Parents – Access The ThinkLaw Family Experience

Hello, Quick question - what will you do this summer to ensure your kids are learning the critical thinking skills they need to be set up for future success? If you want to help your kids improve their critical thinking abilities but don't know where to start, or just need additional resources for what you're [...]

21 06, 2021

The next Tier 2 PBIS Trainer-Leader-Coach Institute

The next Tier 2 PBIS Trainer-Leader-Coach Institute is coming up quickly. Check out the details below, then sign up soon if you can participate in this exceptional PBIS/MTSS Trainer of Trainers. Dates: July 12, 13, and 15. Participants are advised to reserve full days to complete coursework by July 15th. Live class meeting times and additional [...]