Alliance Residential Company, one of the largest multifamily housing real estate developers in the United States, needed to rebuild many of its internal corporate support departments, including the IT department, after its sale of its management division.

“We needed a solid foundation to lead this company into the future,” said Sherida Colvin, Senior VP of Associate Engagement/In-House Counsel at Alliance Residential Company. Instead of a “set it and forget” approach to IT, Sherida knew that “in order to be successful, we needed to invest more resources and attention into IT, because otherwise how are we going to communicate effectively? I took this project on because I knew it was so important to have IT systems that are seamless and extremely user friendly so that they can effectively support these extraordinary multifamily projects.”

It quickly became apparent to Sherida that Alliance Residential needed an external resource—and a true partner—to establish a best-in-class IT department and infrastructure.

With ConvergeOne’s help, Alliance Residential Company built a new, up-to-date infrastructure that’s both user-friendly and secure. Discover how by reading the case study.