Salelytics, a leading provider of inside sales and multi-channel communication, turned to ConvergeOne for support when it was first spun off from its parent company. It was seeking guidance as it transitioned into a standalone BPO and had to completely start over in terms of its infrastructure, support, and expertise.

“Our parent company was very busy doing its own strategic initiatives,” said Scott R. Krueger, Chief Operating Officer, Salelytics. “Our team’s expertise is in pockets. We did our own application development around CRM and the telephony platform, but we lacked expertise in information security, networking, and data hosting – that was all supplied to us by our parent company.”

Salelytics services over 10 million customer interactions per year. This created a very high-stakes transition with an aggressive timeline. Walking into this new chapter, the Salelytics team had an idea of the business areas it needed support in, but it was not aware of all the back-end details that go into keeping the organization up and running.

With ConvergeOne’s help, Salelytics is now thriving as a standalone BPO provider with a solid infrastructure and core functionality. Discover how by reading the case study.