2021 scholarships

/2021 scholarships

AZALAS Announces: Jacob “Buddy” Chavez Scholarship

AZALAS announces the application opening for the Jacob "Buddy" Chavez Scholarship for high school seniors that will be pursuing a college program in Education as a teacher with an interest in becoming an administrator some day.  The criteria is below with the deadline for all material to be received no later than April 10, 2021.  Questions [...]

AZALAS Alejandro Perez Scholarship Application – 2021

In honor of Dr. Alejandro Perez, founding member, AZALAS is offering a $10,000 scholarship this year, thanks to our partner, McCarthy Building Companies, Inc., who is co-sponsoring the scholarship ($5,000 from the Annual Alejandro Perez Memorial Golf Tournament and $5,000 from McCarthy). The scholarship will be awarded at the Annual Conference.

AZALAS Ben Barcon Scholarship Application – 2021

The Ben Barcon Scholarship is funded by donations from various activities sponsored by AZALAS. AZALAS recognizes Latino administrators for their leadership by providing assistance toward an advanced degree in education. The top recipient will receive a one-time $5,000 scholarship award. The scholarship will be made payable to the recipient and will be awarded at the Fall Annual Conference.