Are your IT teams—and budget—stretched thin?

IT professionals with high hopes of digging into strategic, forward-looking initiatives often find their time consumed by ongoing maintenance, ad hoc requests, and myriad details. The “visionary” work gets put on the back burner ⏤ stifling business progress and leaving employees looking elsewhere for professional growth.

Studies show that 80% of the headcount is focused on the lower 20% of the problems (break/fix, upgrades, maintenance, etc.). This means most employees miss out on the strategic, impactful work that needs to be done to drive the organization forward.

At ConvergeOne, we keep IT thriving. With our managed services, IT teams can feel empowered instead of reactive and overwhelmed. We provide the hands-on support and knowledge to help IT staff keep up with the pace of business, free them to focus on more strategic projects, and give them peace of mind.