Expect More Arizona

Weekly Legislative Update

While budget conversations continue to progress slowly, it was an eventful week at the Capitol. The Legislature’s Finance Advisory Committee met on Thursday, adjusting the state’s budget and revenue forecast. Of note, the latest forecast has reduced the amount of the expected surplus, but there is still an additional $150 million in ongoing revenues available and $840 million in one-time revenues available. At just shy of $1 billion, the projected amount of additional revenue is about $195 million less than was predicated in January.


Assessments: SB 1346 passed both houses and was signed by the Governor this week. The law outlines the authority, timeline and implementation plan for the transition from AzMERIT to the next statewide assessments. The signed law also now includes a provision to repeal the HIV/AIDS sex education instruction law adopted by the state 28 years ago. Expect More Arizona supports this bill.

In response to the passage of this bill, the State Board of Education will hold a special meetingon Monday, April 15 to discuss the three-year assessment plan required in SB 1346, which includes the process to procure an assessment for implementation in 2021-22.

Early Education FundingHB 2125 continues to await action by the full Senate. The bill directs federal funding for child care assistance programs to the Department of Economic Security and Department of Child Safety and allocates federal funding for child care assistance programs to specific programs. Expect More Arizona supports this bill.

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