Expect More Arizona

Weekly Legislative Update

Rumor has it that we may see budget proposals introduced by the House and Senate next week. As negotiations continue behind closed doors, email your legislators and tell them to make funding for ALL of education a priority.


Child Care Assistance: The Senate did not advance HB 2125, which allocates federal funding for child care assistance programs to state agencies. At this point, the funding is likely to be part of the budget proposals rather than a stand-alone bill. Expect More Arizona supports this bill.

Community Colleges: The Senate unanimously approved HB 2123 this week, sending the fix to a Prop. 301 drafting error to the Governor’s desk. Expect More Arizona supports this bill.

English Language Learning: The Senate did not advance HCR 2026 this week, and – at least for now – Senate Republicans have stalled progress on the proposal to ask voters to repeal Arizona’s English language learner laws. There is still time to take action and encourage your State Senator to VOTE YES ON HCR 2026Expect More Arizona supports this bill.

Find a complete list of Bills to Watch here.