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Your Vote Makes a Difference

We can’t say it enough – YOUR VOTE MATTERS! Arizonans like you have a voice and you need to use it during this important election season – our students are counting on you to make informed and educated decisions.

The makeup of the state legislature is determined at the primary election. Many races are won or lost in the primary election, some by a small margin. Vote in Arizona’s primary election on August 4 to determine who makes it on the general election ballot this November.

Access our non-partisan voter resources to help you make your decision in the primary election. We’ve made it simple for you to:

  • Access a list of key election dates and deadlines.
  • Contact your candidates and ask them their position on the things that matter to you most.
  • Find questions to ask candidates on education topics.
  • Learn how your vote makes a difference.
  • Register to vote, update your registration, or request to be placed on the permanent early voter list (vote by mail).
  • And much more.

Arizona needs elected leaders who are committed to addressing the opportunity gaps faced by students of color and those living in poverty that perpetuate achievement gaps and keep our state from reaching its full potential.

Take the first step today and STUDY UP on key education issues, find out what the key election dates, and learn who your primary candidates will be for the upcoming election on August 4. Then, DOUBLE DOWN and ask 10 of your friends, family members or colleagues to do the same (or forward them this email)!



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