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COVID-19: Prepared To Communicate With Your Stakeholders?

Good Afternoon,

In light of the recent events regarding COVID-19,

also known as the Coronavirus, Gabbart has taken some proactive steps to assist School Districts across the nation. Please join us as we discuss  communicating with your Parents, Students and Community.

We will be hosting a webinar, sharing ideas and showing practical application of how you can leverage E-notes Mass Notifications, Campus Life and your website.

You already know how important your communication is during this time. Let’s work together and sharpen your plan of action!

The webinar information is below, as well as the links to register.

In addition to discussing communications we will also be hosting a  webinar called:

COVID-19: Are You Prepared For Online Classes? WISDOM LMS Is The Solution!

If you are interested in hearing about or looking for a solution for online classes, you don’t want to miss this opportunity! We will be offering special deep discount pricing till the end of the school year, in light of the current situation. Register the webinar below:

Should you have any questions regarding either of these webinars please don’t hesitate to reach out to me directly. I hope to see you there!

Chris Yee

Director of Marketing

Gabbart Communications