Predicts 2022: The Cloud Moves From Technology Disruption to Business Disruption

An intelligent modernization journey is no longer a nice thing to have. It is a requirement to achieve true digital transformation—the kind that unlocks new business value and differentiates a company from its competitors. Unfortunately, many companies fail to realize the full extent of their transformation opportunities because they are embarking on modernization journeys without a clearly defined business strategy. This is why it’s so important to proceed with modernization only if you have a clearly defined vision and strategy.


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In this recent Gartner® report, analysts provide cloud and edge infrastructure strategy recommendations that can be used in support of your overall business strategy. “Cloud computing is evolving from technology enabler to business disruptor. IT leaders responsible for cloud strategy must understand their organization’s business strategy first, and then seek opportunities to leverage new and emerging cloud capabilities to accelerate that strategy,” the Gartner report states. Download it now.

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