Governor Ducey released his budget proposal today.

There are two nice, bright spots for children and working families and one big hole.

  • Governor Ducey proposes a change in state law and a small investment of state dollars to prevent another total freeze on KidsCare in October.  $7.6 million in state funds will match $98 million in federal funds to keep affordable health coverage for 35,000 children in working families.
  • Last spring, state lawmakers left $56 million in new federal child care funds sitting in our account unspent. Governor Ducey supports investing these funds right now to raise the childcare scholarship rates for children in low-income working families and to reach more children.  This investment will give parents more choice for quality early learning and keep more parents in the workforce.
  • Last week, Invest in Ed laid out principles for building new sustainable resources for public education.  While the Governor’s budget includes a grab-bag of pet projects, existing obligations, and one-time spending in K-12 education, there is no long term investment to bring students the permanent teachers and updated classroom textbooks and technology they need every year.

Watch our website for more detail on the budget and stay tuned for ways you can support funding for KidsCare and child care and speak up for public education resources our children can count on year after year.


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