Today the Legislature passed HB2902 the Baseline Budget for FY 2021 that we have been talking about for the last few days. HB2902 still needs approval from the Governor which is expected. As we have shared with you earlier this week the FY 2021 Base Level[without teacher comp] will be increased from the current $4150.43 to $4305.73. The Transportation Support Level[TSL] per mile will be increased from $2.69 to $2.74 or from $2.20 to $2.24 depending on the district’s classification The District Additional Assistance[DAA] cut will be reduced by 50% from the current cut of $128,734,900 to a cut of $64,367,400. Charter Additional Assistance[CAA] per student for FY 2021 will increase from  the current $1,843.14 to $1,875.21 for elementary students and from the current $2,148.15 to $2185.53 for high school students. The cut to CAA will be reduced by 50% from the current $6,814,400 to $3,407,200. Also, the $50,000,000 that was coming to districts and charters from the Prop 123 settlement will be increased by 50% to $75,000,000[more details on this last item will be coming]. HB 2902 also included a type of a hold harmless provision for Results Based Funding that will base funding upon the Spring 2019 statewide assessment. You can get more details on the Base Level increase and the reduction in the cut to DAA from emails that we sent out earlier this week.

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