We cordially invite you to save the date for the 6th Annual School Connect Summit!


Join Us at the School Connect Summit!

We cordially invite you to the 6th Annual School Connect Summit!

January 25, 2022

This is a chance to share your vision for your school district!


During this second year of meeting unprecedented challenges in education, we know that the landscape of our schools and communities has changed tremendously. If ever there was a time to courageously unite them around the needs of our children, to curate innovative solutions to these new challenges, and empower the community to invest in their schools, that time is now!
We invite you to share your vision for your school district and bring the top three challenges you face to business, nonprofit, faith, and community partners who want to invest in your schools.
You will be seated with leaders who are specifically interested in working to support your district and given the opportunity to share the key ways you would like to collaborate with your community so that students, educators, and parents truly have their needs met!
Bring your principals so that they might connect with community leaders in your region! This is a chance to reconnect with partners old and new!
  • 800+ education, business, faith, nonprofit, and government leaders
  • Sit at tables with community leaders from your district
  • Start the process of building mutually beneficial strategic partnerships now!
  • Discuss trauma-informed leadership, student-centered learning, and innovative community solutions to thorny challenges
  • Network with top leaders from across the state




Grand Canyon

University Arena


January 25, 2022

8:30 am – 12:00 pm


Tickets: $40 per person


Summit 2022 is YOUR chance to take part in building a better future for our kids!

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