The unprecedented outbreak of the Coronavirus COVID-19 and the global public health crisis it has spawned, is an extraordinary circumstance and we want to wish all of Administrators, Educators and Staff in our schools all the best in staying healthy and navigating the challenges of educating our children.

To help support this challenge from both a Leadership Development standpoint and to encourage communication amongst teams Ed Leadership Simulations is offering a free, online, facilitated simulation experience on March 24th at 1:30 PM EST on Cultural Competency in Schools. This is a great opportunity to engage with your colleagues within your district and other peers around the country during this challenging time. Click here to register.

In addition to the webinar, you will receive free access to our Cultural Competency Simulation for the remainder of the school year. This will provide you opportunities to stay connected with your staff and continue their growth.

Simulated scenarios assist in growing current and aspiring leaders and make for engaging and collaborative professional development experiences. By clicking this link, you can register for the webinar. If you cannot attend, you can still register and you will receive a recorded version of the event.

All the best.

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