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KOI Education brings to you a free workshop, Mindful Parenting with Sandy Juniper, M.Ed.

Sandy Juniper, M.Ed.

Professional Learning Facilitator, KOI Education

What is mindfulness, and how can parents use mindfulness practices to facilitate safe and supportive relationships with their sons and daughters that will engender self awareness, self growth, self regulation, kindness, and compassion? In stressful times, learn how families can incorporate basic mindfulness practices that will promote a more balanced and peaceful home and guide their children while supporting them with non-judgemental language and listening.


Space is limited, so please use the link below to register as soon as possible.

Mindful Parenting Zoom Webinar.

Wednesday, January 20 at 2:00pm – 3:00pm

Register here!!

A big thank you to Behavior, Education, Technology Conference for hosting this important and FREE presentation.


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