New Research on Pipelines Shows the Multi-Dimensional Aspects of Learning.

Wallace Principal Pipeline Study:  Majority of Effective Programs Use Leadership Simulation

We at Ed Leadership Sims were excited to see that four of the six districts participating in the recent Wallace study on Principal Pipeline Initiatives are using leadership simulations to heighten the impact of their programs. Those districts include New York City Department of Education, Gwinnett County Public Schools (Georgia), Hillsborough County Public Schools (Florida), and Prince George’s County Public Schools (Maryland).

The research study, Principal Pipelines: A Feasible, Affordable, and Effective Way for Districts to Improve Schools, found that schools in large districts which built principal pipelines markedly outperformed similar schools in comparison districts in both reading and math. Not only did the study find that the benefits of investing in a Principal Pipeline included statistically significant improvements in Student Outcomes, but also included increased Principal Retention. The study, conducted by RAND, meets the research standards necessary for funding of pipelines under Title I and other sections of the federal Every Student Succeeds Act.

Each new piece of research brings more understanding of just how much simulations can impact administrator learning. Within a given simulation, school leaders must apply critical thinking skills to make decisions in scenarios derived from actual events. They then experiencing the consequences of their choices and receive feedback. Deployed in a social setting, simulations are also a catalyst for dialogue among peers, providing opportunities to share lessons learned and real life challenges. Participants and facilitators alike routinely rate leadership simulations as highly impactful, improving decision making and resilience on the job.

Coming this summer – more simulations to utilize:
– School Counseling
– School Security
– School Climate
– A Teacher Blog
– Equity
– Equity-Based Budgeting

All the best for the end of the school year – and more to come this summer!

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