The Arizona legislature begins its 2019 session today with 19 freshmen lawmakers and the closest partisan split in more than four decades. It will be an opportunity for lawmakers to work together to advance policies that will enable all Arizonans to move up the economic ladder, on issues like:

  • Investing in Arizona’s public schools, community colleges and universities;
  • Addressing a state tax code that far too often picks winners and losers by giving special tax breaks to the wealthy and corporations while shifting the burden to those who earn less; and
  • Removing barriers that often stand in the way of people joining the workforce, like the lack of affordable child care and housing and a criminal justice system in need of reforms.

For Arizonans, it is time to hold our elected lawmakers accountable to the promises they made while running for office, to put aside partisan differences, and work together toward a state which provides economic opportunity for all.  We are pleased to share with you our annual publication, In Search of a State Budget That Creates Opportunity for All, which provides information on how the state budget and tax decisions our legislature will make in 2019 impact the ability of all Arizonans to share in our state’s economic prosperity.