How would you approach difficult conversations happening in schools? Join the discussion with peers from around the country during our free, virtual PD opportunity. In this session, Dr. David De Jong, the Chair of the Division of Educational Leadership at the University of South Dakota, will facilitate a simulation where as the principal of an elementary school you receive concerns from staff regarding the clothing being worn by one of your novice teachers. Before you are able to address this issue, additional concerns surface about this novice teacher’s instruction. In this simulation, you will need to facilitate difficult conversations with this novice teacher to address these concerns.


Difficult Conversations With a Novice Teacher 

Hosted by: Dr. David De Jong

When: Thursday, January 21st at 4:00 PM EST

Chair of the Division of Educational Leadership at University of South Dakota

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In this simulation, you will need to consider choosing a direct approach with staff vs. going through a peer to address a problem, while risking embarrassment either way and tackling all criticisms in a single conversation vs. addressing most pressing and well-documented issues first, risking upset either way. How will you handle the task at hand?

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