What’s Up at the Capitol This Week?

The first regular session of the Fifty-fourth legislature started this Monday. Governor Ducey gave his state of the state address that afternoon and gave us a preview of his priorities for this session, which include reintroducing his school safety legislation from last year, additional funding for CTEDs, additional funding for the Arizona Teacher’s Academies, and continuing the implementation of the 20% by 2020 teacher pay raise plan.

Committee meetings commenced on Tuesday.

House Education will meet Mondays at 2:00 P.M.

Senate Education will meet Tuesdays at 2:00 P.M.

Watch live proceedings with this link:


SB 1014 English language learners; instruction; budgeting (Boyer)

Senate Ed. passed 8-0.  It alters the 4-Hour Model English learners program to decrease the time required for language development instruction. Governing Boards must adopt alternative models meeting certain criteria. These adoptions can be on a school by school basis. Removes the prohibition against an English Learner being also enrolled in another language acquisition program (such as Dual Language Immersion).

For students in grades K-6

  • 120 minutes per day OR
  • 600 minutes per week OR
  • 360 hours per school year.

For students in grades 7-12

  • 100 minutes per day OR
  • 500 minutes per week OR
  • 300 hours per school year.

ASA supports, but will seek an amendment to extend K-6 minutes’ requirement to 7-8th also.

SB 1022 hours; seventh and eighth grades (S. Allen)

Senate Ed. passed 7-1.

This bill decrease the required hours for full ADM for 7-8th graders from 1,000 to 890 (1,069 to 890 for online instruction). ASA supports.

SB 1020 school employees; investigations; information sharing (S. Allen)

Senate Ed. passed 8-0. The bill allows ADE to share records of certificate holders with any school or district to which the holder applies.  This is a change from current statute which allows such records to be shared with districts employing the certificated person to assist in an investigation of unprofessional conduct. ASA supports.