“It’s a marathon, not a sprint.” But what happens when you end up sprinting through a marathon? With students, educators, and families about to close out on this inherently unsustainable race, some may say, “See! Nothing is impossible!” But we must be vigilant in not making permanent the intense stress and pressure that comes from trying to make impossibly challenging decisions with impossibly restrictive time constraints. Instead, consider these three tips that have guided me through these challenging times:

1) Just because you can, doesn’t mean that you should.

2) Mistakes are not the end of the world. Mistakes can be magic.

3) Doing Right > Being Right (doing things the right way is almost always more important than having the “right” answer).

And now, it’s time to breathe!

– Colin
Equity at the Classroom Level
Still trying to figure out what your equity committees and workshops will mean to your teachers on a Tuesday morning in September? Learn more about thinkLaw’s Tangible Equity Programwhere we can help you connect your EXISTING content, YOUR resources, and YOUR materials to issues of equity and social justice to accelerate your learning outcomes while equipping students with what they need to lead, innovate, and break the things that must be broken.  Continue Reading
Summer the Easy Way
Summer School –  For teachers and students alike, the grind of summer learning is a missed opportunity to enrich, engage, and enlighten. It’s not too late for thinkLaw’s engaging critical thinking curriculum and Project-Based Learning extensions to help summer school teachers deliver engaging instruction to go beyond “learning loss.” Request your quote now to partner with thinkLaw this summer!
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Thinking Like A Lawyer: A Framework For Teaching Critical Thinking To ALL Students

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