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Benson Logo

Benson Systems has become a trusted name in the Arizona business community and across the Southwest. We have been successful in helping many local School Districts, Hospitals, Hotels, Universities, Commercial Property Management Companies, and all types of businesses with their Security & Low Voltage, Life Safety & Fire Suppression, and MEP offering a complete suite of services including Design, Installation, Support and Maintenance. We are proud partners of 1GPA and Mohave.

Curriculum Associates Logo

Founded in 1969, Curriculum Associates, LLC designs research-based, teacher-acclaimed products, including i-Ready, Ready, and Ready Classroom Mathematics that provide teachers and administrators with flexible resources that deliver meaningful assessments and data-driven, differentiated instruction for children. The company's products and outstanding customer service provide teachers and administrators with the resources necessary for teaching diverse student populations and fostering learning for all students. Learn more at


Ednetics has been a leading force in integrated network solutions tailored to education and government organizations for over twenty years. We understand that technology has the potential to improve and enhance the everyday work environment in our customer settings. From the classroom to the administrative office, technology can support the mission of an organization by enhancing communication, creating efficiency, and increasing safety. Our Specialties include: IP Telephony, Networking/Security, Data Center Solutions, and Physical Security.

Graduation Alliance Logo

Graduation Alliance develops highly effective solutions in order to help students who can’t or won’t attend school get back on track to graduation. Partnering with school districts, Graduation Alliance provides a technology-enabled dropout recovery program with robust human support to high school-aged youth who left school without a diploma. Students engage online at the time and place that works best for them while remaining enrolled in the school district. The program includes multi-modal outreach and enrollment support, graduation plan development, curriculum taught by state-certified teachers, and 360-degree support services, including proactive academic interventions, local advocacy to address life barriers, and 24/7 virtual tutoring services.

Khloe's Dream Homes Logo

We specialize in commercial and residential construction projects, including new construction, renovations, and additions. Our team has extensive experience and knowledge in the industry, allowing us to provide our clients with top-notch services.



NORESCO, a part of Carrier Global Corporation, helps clients adapt to and mitigate the impacts of climate change by decarbonizing, modernizing and electrifying aging infrastructure to be more sustainable and resilient. By deploying innovative distributed energy, storage and renewable energy solutions, NORESCO improves the health and efficiency of existing campuses, buildings and communities. To date, NORESCO has guaranteed more than $5 billion in energy and operating cost savings at more than 10,000 facilities while reducing customer CO2 emissions by more than 25 million metric tons – the equivalent to planting 1.4 million acres of forest. 

We believe that a focus on operational excellence and customer satisfaction is key to a successful ESPC project. Our solutions are designed with your strategic business objectives in mind. We leverage our extensive experience in project design, implementation, commissioning, operations and maintenance to deliver customized and innovative solutions that deliver performance with payback.

Skyline Builders & Restoration, Inc.

Experience: We have earned our stellar reputation by leading, never following. Economic fluctuations don’t dictate our path— our commitment, innovations, and consistently impeccable work do. SBR is in it for the long haul, here for you today so you can count on us tomorrow.


Satisfaction: We thrive on challenging projects. No matter how specific or unique our clients’ needs are, SBR’s dedicated team of professionals meet and surpass expectations time after time. And as members of the U.S. Green Building Council we employ techniques and services that support sustainability as required by our valued customers.


For 50-years Sodexo has been the most trusted partner for school districts in providing food service and facilities management services. As a strategic partner, Sodexo puts students first in ensuring their school lunch experience and school environment is top notch, allowing your District to focus on its top priority: education. For more information, contact Jason Winsor at or 480-296-9670.

SPS+ Architects

SPS+ Architects has provided innovative educational design for Arizona schools since 1960. Some iconic projects include ASU’s Manzanita Hall and NAU’s Walk-up Skydome. Our most recent breakthrough was with West-MEC’s Northwest Campus where we were able to make the concept of Academic Collisions ™ come to life! This new innovative learning process brings students, staff, and industry professionals from a diverse set of industries together to develop cross-pollination of disciplines fostering collaborative innovation in the process.


While our innovative design solutions have extended nationally and beyond, our primary focus as a firm has always been on our work here in Arizona. In particular, we have made a point to reach out to Arizona’s under-served, minority, and rural populations. In many cases, we have developed long-term relationships with these clients spanning decades and multiple projects. This longevity is a direct result of our focus on customer service and delivering a quality product that meets and exceeds client expectations.


In the work thinkLaw is leading across 21 states to create a world where critical thinking is no longer a luxury good, I realized I need to be clearer about why we are so convinced that we can close The Critical Thinking Gap. This gap is far from insurmountable because this is a gap in expectations, not in potential. The truth is that students from low income backgrounds, students who are linguistically diverse, and students from minority populations are often endowed with enormous critical thinking potential. Some call this “street smart,” but I reject that categorization. “Street smart” is just smart. The failure to translate the practical set of problem-solving strategies we associate with being “street smart” to whatever academically amounts to “book smart” is an adult issue, not a child one.


WE MAKE COMMUNICATIONS WORK” WWCS leads with our core competencies to solve critical communication business issues and deliver next generation communications with our Professional Services to support Education, Federal Government and Commercial Customers. WWCS supports the complete project lifecycle, from consultation and design, to implementation, optimization, and ongoing support and management. With over 55 years of experience, our diverse portfolio of products has solved the issues, increased productivity, and lower communication costs for our customers.