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ASA - Past Webinars on Student & Employee Discipline



Greetings ASA members.  As you prepare to deal with typical increases in student and employee discipline issues during the last few months of the school year, I thought it might be helpful to send out links to recordings of a couple of excellent webinars:

Best Practices with Student Discipline (9/30/2022)
Featuring attorney Chris Thomas and administrator Kristin Casillas.
Click HERE for the recording.
Passcode: ^4$!OkGM

Best Practices with Employee Discipline (12/7/2022)
Featuring attorney Jennifer MacLennan and administrator Alexis Wilson.
Click HERE for the recording.
Passcode: 6eEx6^^W

Get a notepad and some popcorn, lock your door, and enjoy!

Dr. Paul Tighe
ASA Executive Director