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ALAS: Leaders in Equity Update - Jan. 19, 2022

Posted Date: 01/24/2023

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January 19, 2023
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New data: Post-COVID, school leaders frustrated in efforts to curb misbehavior
The 74
U.S. school leaders feel increasingly hampered in their ability to curb student misbehavior, according to federal data made public Jan. 12. Inadequate training in classroom management, pushback from parents, and fear of student retaliation were all cited as greater obstacles than they were before the pandemic.

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Do LGBTQ students in your state feel safer at school or at home?
District Administration Magazine
LGBTQ students feel safer at school than at home, with more than half calling their school an affirming space, according to a new national survey that covered all 50 states. This doesn't hold true in every state and, not surprisingly, students feel far more comfortable in some parts of the country than they do in others.
A timely reminder: There are no silver bullets, even with professional learning
Rivet Education
Professional learning in absence of curriculum has a weak track record for changing student outcomes, even with sizable investments. "Curriculum is not a silver bullet" goes the popular refrain and for good reason. Yet some seem to treat professional learning focused on strategies and disconnected from curricula as a silver bullet, which is just as unrealistic.
How can districts retain principals? A 5-year project offers clues
Education Week
Five years ago, the George W. Bush Institute embarked on a project to find out what practical and policy changes districts could make to keep good principals in schools.
5 ways to implement equity-centered leadership practices
Almost two years after the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, school districts continue to struggle with the ways it has disrupted teaching and learning. Unmet social and emotional needs, staffing challenges, and lack of funding all continue to present impediments for those who teach, lead, and learn in schools.
Ways to build teacher quality
The Tech Edvocate
To be honest, regardless of how effective their teacher training program was, most new educators do not enter the classroom as polished products. They often require time to ripen, much like a fine wine. The American public is unaware of this, and they want new teachers to deliver at an optimal level right away.
How you can improve student performance with virtual tools
eSchool News
Edtech tools are constantly evolving, and virtual tools can play a major role in how students achieve success
Making new tech tools work for your classroom
The phrase "the three Rs: reading, 'riting, and 'rithmetic," according to Wikipedia, "appears to have been coined at the beginning of the 19th century," but the concept was alluded to as far back as back as 397 AD in the Latin writings of St. Augustine.
6 ways administrators can prove the efficacy of digital tools
The Tech Edvocate
In this day and age of advanced technology, administrators should not overlook their education systems' benefits. Digital tools are an effective way to support all education types, from beginners to more advanced students.
Getting the 'ed' right in EdTech
Deccan Herald
Growth in EdTech investments is not the same as better learning outcomes. That will require technology to better understand the human learning process and solve the fundamental problems that plague it.
12 things teachers can do to support ELL success in the new year
Colorin Colorado
During the New Year, we reflect on past joys and concerns from the previous year and take the opportunity to look ahead. During these difficult times and uncertain times, it is especially important to take time for reflection, identify our strengths and challenges, and consider where our efforts will be most effective.
Can teaching English like Spanish close the achievement gap?
Language Magazine
If you have even a passing knowledge of Spanish, you know the ns in montaña are different. You can see it. But English isn't like that. The as in car and care and race look the same, but sound different. But what if we fix that?
Bringing accessible support to international students and English language learners with ELL peer advising
The Medium
In 2021, the University of Toronto Mississauga's (UTM) international student enrollment increased to account for 375 of new students, making international students an undeniable student body. Yet, we sometimes fail to acknowledge the difficulties international students face adjusting, especially when it comes to language.
How to integrate higher-order thinking skills into your ELL lesson plans
Continental Press
In 1956, Benjamin Bloom developed a hierarchical framework for cognitive skills, called Bloom's Taxonomy. For over half a century, Bloom's Taxonomy has been used in classrooms to guide instruction and assessments.
Why being bilingual can open doors for children with developmental disabilities, not close them
The Conversation
When parents learn their child has a developmental disability, they often have questions about what their child may or ma