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4x More Effective Than the Average Math Intervention

Posted Date: 06/04/2023




Hi Panfilo,

At DreamBox Learning, we understand that while talent exists everywhere, opportunity does not.




“DreamBox positively impacts student outcomes when used with fidelity. Given the declines South Carolina saw in math proficiency during the pandemic, this product has been a valuable tool in supporting student academic growth.”


— Matthew Ferguson | Chief Academic Officer for the South Carolina Department of Education


We believe that unlocking the learning potential in every student is the best way to close the opportunity gap. We're in a time in education where what matters most is what works to improve student achievement. And since its release in 2009, DreamBox Math has been the most independently validated digital math program proven to effectively accelerate learning for all students, regardless of who they are or what their current mathematical proficiency is.

This is why I’m thrilled to share that, in consultation with the South Carolina Department of Education and the Education Oversight Committee, we have released the results of our first-ever, statewide student-level analysis detailing the effectiveness of an educational technology program that was adopted by South Carolina to accelerate student learning.

In 2021-22, DreamBox Math was implemented in every South Carolina school district for all students in grades K-5 statewide. The study used the state’s SCReady test scores from spring 2021 and spring 2022 to analyze year-over-year growth for each student. This pre-test/post-test correlational study included the 4th and 5th grade cohorts of students from 626 schools in 70 school districts. In all, the analysis compared the 2021 baseline scores and 2022 scores of 77,707 students.


HORIZ_DB Impact Infographic_20230517.png


What’s even more exciting is that these results are consistent with two other recent studies of DreamBox Math.

First, an independent ESSA Tier 3 study conducted by LearnPlatform showed that DreamBox Math improved K-6 student achievement in the William Penn School District in Pennsylvania during the 2021-22 school year. That analysis found that students who completed only 3.5 DreamBox Math lessons per week (less than one hour weekly) had significantly higher end-of-year Savvas Math Screener and Diagnostics Assessment scores compared to students who completed fewer than 3.5 DreamBox Math lessons a week.

Screen Shot 2023-05-18 at 3.44.12 PM.png

Second, a study in Pinellas County, FL showed that 22,000 students in grades 1-5 grew an average of over seven percentile points on the NWEA MAP Growth test after using DreamBox for just 8 weeks during the fall of 2020.    Graph.png

Letter to C-Suite Leaders_2023051 25.jpg


As an early innovator in education technology, we have seen firsthand how complementing teacher instruction with proven-effective adaptive technology can help build students’ confidence, critical thinking skills, and a love of learning that will not only set students up for success throughout their educational careers, but also in life.

We encourage you to evaluate the evidence for yourself. We have included all three research studies in this email, and we have additional research available at Should you have any questions, we are happy to speak with you at any time.

Warm Regards,