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AI in Education - 10 Questions for Systems Leaders

Posted Date: 08/12/2023


Greetings ASA Members!

As you might recall, ASA has been working to bring you resources and information about Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help you learn more about it and better manage this tool.  We have partnered with other organizations, including GPEMC (Dr. Howard Carlson) and now Dr. Chad Gestson from NAU's AZ Institute for Education and the Economy.  Please see the info below from Dr. Gestson and click HERE to access the document he references.

Congratulations on a successful launch of schools statewide. With staffing, transportation, and mental health challenges (to name a few of many), you are certainly navigating several complex issues all at once. One of those issues right at the forefront is artificial intelligence (AI). 

I have heard from many systems leaders across the state with several AI questions. Where do I begin? Do I need a policy? Will it be the demise of education and learning? Should I just ban AI? 
In partnership with some local thought leaders, we have created the attached document - 10 simple yet important AI-related questions you should ask yourself as a systems leader. Each question is accompanied by practical commentary followed by helpful links to get you started. 

If you have any questions or if we can be a resource for you, do not hesitate to reach out.  The Institute will continue to work alongside, and collaborate with, other local and statewide organizations to bring to you helpful, applicable information and advice regarding this new, amazing tool known as AI. 

My best to you all,

Chad E. Gestson, Ed.D.
Arizona Institute for Education and the Economy
Northern Arizona University