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New Special Education Support Services from ASA!

Posted Date: 02/08/2024





Greetings ASA members.  As part of our commitment to listen to the needs of ASA members and then try to help meet those needs, I am pleased to announce an expansion of our district support services to include special education and grants management.  Many of you have conveyed the challenges you are facing with finding and supporting special education directors, and the extra support and guidance they need with having an increasing number of special education teachers coming from alternative pathways.  

We are very pleased to welcome an expert consultant, Mrs. Colleen Riley, who has extensive experience from her work as a teacher, special education director, principal, state special education director (Kansas), and consulting work across the country through the National Center for Systemic Improvement (NCSI), the US Department of Education, NASDSE, NAESPA, WestEd, and many state agencies.  Mrs. Riley is now working with ASA to help you help your staff best meet the needs of your diverse student body.  Here is an overview of these support services:


District Support Services – Special Education

ASA offers customizable consultation and support services to assist school district leaders with Special Education and grants management leadership.  Through expert consultants, technical assistance can be provided to help districts in the following areas: 
  • Leadership development, coaching and mentoring for new Special Education district leaders
  • Review, refinement and/or development of district Special Education policies, practices and procedures
  • Review, refinement and/or development of district Special Education monitoring procedures
  • Review, refinement and/or development of Comprehensive Needs Assessments for School Improvement
  • Federal/state grants management support
  • Strategic planning consultation, including support for alignment of Special Education services to district goals, and strategies for student subgroup achievement
  • Guidance for aligning curricular and supplemental materials for Special Education programs with State Academic Standards and district curriculum
  • Customized consultation and support to meet your needs
For more information or to receive a proposal for any of these services, please contact:
       Dr. Paul Tighe, ASA Executive Director -
       Dr. Timothy Ogle, Consultant to ASA -