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Dreading planning for summer school?

Posted Date: 03/06/2024







If we polled 100 school leaders and asked them, what planning project are you dreading between now and the end of the year, what would we hear most?




Summer school. 




Kids are disengaged, teachers are tired, so why would the "harder, faster, more" model of drill & kill remediation that didn’t work during the school year change outcomes for kids in the summer?  




Instead, imagine classrooms where kids – even kids who struggled the most during the school year – are engaging with high-level questions at the start of every class, asking “why” and “what if” instead of “what” and “how”, and practicing disagreeing without being disagreeable.  




Even better, imagine summer school teachers seeing the power of critical thinking questions in action, and learning to seamlessly embed those questions in their core content throughout the school year.  












thinkLaw's award-winning critical thinking resources based on real-life legal cases in upper grades and fairy tales & nursery rhymes in lower grades includes: 
  • Customized scope & sequence to fit your summer school program schedule. 

  • Live, virtual onboardings for teachers and leaders. 

  • Easy-to-implement lessons that require 10 minutes of prep time or less.







To bring this kind of transformative summer school experience to your school or district, tell us a little about your summer school program and you'll get access to FREE sample lessons and a custom quote.






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